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Classes at Elkstone Farm

Sharing knowledge is one of the most important and rewarding things we do at Elkstone Farm. Our farm-based masterclasses will help you deepen your relationship with the land, while providing practical skills that can be used to gain natural harmony and abundance in daily life. Our instructors, who are masters of their trades, will lead action-based classes and supply uncommon wisdom that will inspire you along your own journey with earth-based skills.

Elkstone Farm masterclasses are relevant to this beautiful area we call home, and most classes are accessible to curious people of all skill and knowledge levels. Some are one-off classes or weekend workshops, and some - like the Community Apothecary Program - are a series of classes that build on previous class material.

Farm Fresh Cooking Classes

Spend some time in our farm’s kitchen with Chef Russell Goodman, and you’ll be inspired to raise your cooking game! The kitchen looks out onto Elkstone’s pond and flower gardens, making it an inspiring setting for our fresh food focused classes.

Throughout these classes, we will harvest, prepare, cook with, and preserve farm-grown produce, and learn invaluable butchery techniques along the way. We’ll assimilate the history and life cycle of ingredients, as we practice skills that will improve your daily culinary experiences and let you realize more sustainability in the kitchen. Everyone will come away with an enhanced relationship to - and understanding of - that day’s ingredients and have the good fortune of eating or taking home a delicious dish.

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Community Apothecary Program 2023

While good food is one of the foundations of good health, our plant medicine allies - who grow in the wild and in our gardens - allow us to take care of many of the challenges that arise. Knowing plants as medicine, and how to properly prepare them, becomes a way of life and grounds us in a place the way few things do. When we walk through the fields and the woods, and know the medicine that surrounds us, it changes our relationship to both our health and ecology.

Each time we meet during this twice-monthly series, you'll gain knowledge, craft herbal remedies, and take home something special. You’ll learn to wildcraft herbs, create tinctures and salves, and use a steam still to make essential oils. Together we’ll engage in herbal self-care rituals, make teas, and discover how to use our natural medicines to support vibrant health. At the end of the summer, we’ll have our own home apothecary to draw upon and use with knowledgeable skill.

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Yoga at the Elkstone Grove

Imagine practicing yoga outside under the aspen trees as they gently sway and the leaves dance in the dappled light.  We built a beautiful deck by our pond in the aspen grove as a place to connect to nature and practice yoga upon.  We keep the classes small and bring our favorite local yoga teachers to lead an incredible practice.  .

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Weekend Workshops

At Elkstone Farm, we are passionate caretakers of the earth, but we also care deeply about supporting people, especially our local community. As such, we are honored to use our beautiful farm as a place to explore ideas that will benefit people on their journeys as land stewards, as farmers and gardeners, as creators, and as humans. Our workshops are led by true experts who are passionate about sharing their wisdom and providing a wonderful foundation of knowledge over the course of a weekend.

This year, we will continue to bring attention to sustainable food production and land stewardship practices with workshops focused on forest gardening and biochar production.  We will host another powerful and informative Bee Guardian Workshop with Bee Guardian Corwin Bell.  Additionally, we will host a unique and invigorating mens’ workshop, which help our community realign with both humility and power.

The Gardeners' Club

Do you dream of using more organic gardening and permaculture design practices, but are seeking the competence to follow through? Or have you already successfully implemented some regenerative agriculture methods, but are eager to sharpen your skills and learn in communion with others? Our  Gardeners’ Club will provide all members with specialized knowledge and hands-on practice as we share in the rewarding experience of growing food and medicine for our neighbors in this unique mountain ecology.

Gathering at the farm on Wednesday mornings, you will have a chance to work alongside like-minded people in the gardens, hoop houses, and greenhouse - honing your skills as we discuss fresh ideas.  Elkstone’s experienced farmers will happily attend to your questions as they teach the principles of permaculture that guide us to work with - rather than against - nature.  Each week is different, so you will have a chance to learn everything from organic vegetable growing and orchard techniques, to beekeeping and herbal medicine harvesting.

The Gardeners’ Club meets on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.  Participation is free and includes a farm-to-table lunch at 12:00 PM.   Please don't sign up if you can't commit as we need to plan for guests and lunch with time in advance.    Call Jamie, our farm manager, at 303-449-5828 to register.  If you are joining us for lunch, register 24 hours in advance.

Why do we have a Permaculture Gardeners' Club?

We have two trained Permaculture instructors at Elkstone Farm who can share seasonally-appropriate skills used to grow and harvest food and medicine in our mountain ecology. We observe that many students - even those who have taken a permaculture design course - need support building hands-on skills to become capable land stewards. This club will certainly help with that!

What should I wear and bring with me?

Please click here to print and sign the waiver. Please bring this waiver with you the first time joining us.  All participants are required to wear close-toed shoes.  Bring anything you’ll need for working outdoors (hat, gloves, etc.). Please apply any sunscreen or bug spray before you reach the farm. Bring PLENTY OF WATER to drink!

What time should I arrive?

At 9:00 AM, please meet the farmers at the Seedhouse.  The Seedhouse is the first building on your left as your drive up Virtus way.  Please park in front of the seed house or along the road.   At this time, the day’s projects will be determined and assigned.  Please let us know if you plan to arrive at a later time so we can plan accordingly.

Are children welcome?

Typically, younger children don’t do well in the fields, unless a parent is watching their every move.  It doesn’t take much to get off track and accidentally step on a plant or pull something that is not a weed.  If you would like to explore the farm with your child, a more ideal option may be our monthly farm tours.
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