Community Apothecary Program: Fire Cider - October 20, 2022

Jenna will teach you how to make the immune boosting fire cider from common kitchen ingredients and you will go home with your own jar of fire cider to help fend off the Fall cold and flu!  This class will be taught in our kitchen, so numbers are limited for this class. This event is […]

Herbal First Aid with Bryan Greenan: October 27th

Elkstone Farm 40345 Virtus Way, Steamboat Springs, CO

Oftentimes when people here in CO go to experience the amazing things mother nature has to offer, they can forget the basic necessities in order to do so; first aid kit being one of them. Luckily there are many bioregional herbs that grow here locally that can be used in replacement if one does not have […]

Get Tickets $20.00 – $25.00 32 tickets left
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