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Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. It means you become part of Elkstone Farm, sharing in our seasonal risks and rewards. Here’s how it works: CSA shareholders make a small investment that directly supports the Farm’s mission to nurture regenerative, community-based agriculture. Shareholders then reap the bounty of each harvest—collecting a weekly box packed with the freshest seasonal produce and herbs from our Farm Stand in Strawberry Park. By joining the CSA you are showing your support for local, small-scale agriculture, making a better connection with the land, and being nourished by the most nutrient dense and freshest food around.

There are CSA Shares for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons, so our neighbors who want to sample the whole delicious spectrum of foods should sign up for both. Since we intend the CSA to be a close-knit Farm community, we are also inviting shareholders to participate in Elkstone’s enchanting Farm-to-Table dinners (which will be held in pods and socially-distanced for now).

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Visit Our Farm Stand

The Farm Stand, located in an picturesque red-roofed barn near Butcherknife Creek, is Elkstone’s community-oriented marketplace. It’s not just a store, it’s a gathering point—open just one afternoon a week so that neighbors can mingle and share in their support of locally grown food. It’s where CSA members come to pick up their weekly produce boxes and the public gets to shop for fresh vegetables and amazing baked goods. At the Farm Stand we offer organically-grown produce, fresh baked goods, flowers, and longtime farm favorites like condiments, preserves, herb blends, and teas.  

If you'd like to play music under the big cottonwoods, we'd love to have musicians joing us!

Public Hours: Tuesdays, from July 5th to October 18th from 3 to 5:30pm

Location: 40450 County Road 36 in Strawberry Park

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Farm-to-Table Dinners

What better way to celebrate warm, sunny days and the return of abundant harvests than with an enchanting series of Farm-to-Table dinners at Elkstone Farm? Our dinners feature farm-grown produce often picked that very day. These seasonally appropriate and nourishing ingredients are thoughtfully prepared and presented by chef Russell and sous chef Cassidy so the inherent beauty of each one is showcased. Locally and sustainably sourced lamb, beef, poultry or fish will round out vegetable-centric meals.

With each dinner, our chef takes guests on a magnificent sensory journey—allowing you to experience the gastronomic delights and culinary traditions of a unique place or time. Our gracious chef will enlighten us on the history and cultural significance of featured ingredients to tie in your plate with the landscape.

*Dinners are first offered to CSA shareholders on a subscription basis. If space permits, there may be single dinners available to purchase by friends of our guests.

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Our Products

We’ve been hard at work in the Elkstone Kitchen creating unique culinary complements and body care products. Each is crafted using herbs, fruits, and vegetables harvested from the farm and then thoughtfully packaged. We currently offer baked goods, artisan crackers & cookies, flavorful preserves, condiments, herb blends & seasonings, loose leaf teas, and skin care products.

Where to find them?
Many Elkstone Farm products are available at the Summer Farm Stand—open on Wednesdays between June 16th and October 27th from 1-2 PM for CSA members and between July 7th and October 27th from 2-4 PM for the general public.

The CAA Market (Community Agricultural Alliance)—a local nonprofit that supports and promotes Yampa Valley agriculture—carries our products (and often our fresh produce) on their website and in their downtown Steamboat Springs storefront.

Elevated Olive and Ohana—two thoughtfully-curated local Steamboat businesses—each offer a unique selection of Elkstone products.

Chef's Journal

Russell Goodman

Executive Chef

I’m Chef Russell Goodman, believer in the power of fresh local food and cooking methods that allow that food to shine. As a former epidemiologist, I have come to realize the crucial role nutritious food plays in whole body health, and therefore I’m an advocate of food security for all. A core belief of mine is that provenance matters in food. The way our food is grown and processed impacts its appearance, its taste, and its nutritional quality. Having firsthand knowledge of Elkstone Farm’s produce—seeing it go from seed to fruit-bearing plant, and then having the opportunity to make use of it in the kitchen—is a beautiful experience that I would like to share with others.

I will be using this journal to share thoughts and recipes from the farm as the seasons change and the farm’s landscape morphs from snow-covered and dormant, to alive with people and produce. Growing food in the Yampa Valley presents unique challenges, since our short growing season and alpine environment demand a lot of the farmer. The result, however, is food that could only have been grown here—sweetened by the frost and seasoned by the soil of our valley. It is our job as chefs to cook these vegetables in a way that highlights their best qualities and conveys a sense of time and place. The recipes we provide are an excellent place to start.

You are invited to join us on a journey to explore the unique characteristics of our farm’s produce and its expression through cooking. We are grateful you’re here!

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