Jamie Furstoss - Farm Manager

May 6, 2021

For Jamie Furstoss, organic farming is a both passion and a practice. Over the last 30 years, Jamie has worked with food and flowers, trees and herbs, greenhouses and landscapes in a variety of climates from India to Hawaii, British Columbia and Colorado. Now, managing Elkstone Farm provides her an opportunity to leverage her expertise, caring, and experience to support a healthy and thriving ecosystem that nourishes the community. Jamie believes that a farm represents an intentional place in which to cultivate the growth and beauty that life embodies and represents. Not only does it produce nutritious and delicious food, it represents the synergy of healthy humans working with nature rather than against it. When done well, a farm has people feel more connected to the earth and their own hearts and souls. Jamie wants the customers and the employees and the visitors of Elkstone Farm to be touched and inspired in a way that causes them to blossom. She invites the community to come be uplifted and encouraged by the beauty of the land, the caring of the staff, the quality of the food, and the love of life that is infused into every aspect of Elkstone Farm.

By Aaron de Long of Pasa Sustainable Agriculture:
Of course, for a business, success is measured in profitability. But the reality is that agriculture that is not supporting the health of our water, air, and earth, is ultimately a dead end for humanity. In the same sense, agriculture that is based in dispossession and exploitation might be able to feed the stomach, but it ultimately starves the soul.

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