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Terry Huffington


Terry’s dream of bringing agriculture back to Strawberry Park has grown much like the bountiful plants flourishing throughout Elkstone Farm. The Colorado mountains had been beckoning her to return since the geologist for an oil and gas company was transferred to her native Texas from Denver in the 1980s. After eight weeks backpacking across the country with a friend, she knew Steamboat Springs was a place where she could establish roots.

The seed for a commercial farm germinated during Terry’s involvement with the Community Agriculture Alliance advisory board. Co-advisory board member, Lisa Benjamin, helped transform Terry’s vision by introducing her to the concept of permaculture. The agricultural practice modeled on the natural ecosystem fit with Terry’s own beliefs in sustainable, organic growing that worked with nature.

“We are stewards of this land. We want to follow practices that will enhance the health of the land and allow it to reach its maximum productivity.”

Caring for the land and creating healthy foods harmonize with Terry’s desire to live a full and meaningful life. It melds with her family tradition of caring for others and is a legacy she and her husband, Ralph Dittman, hope to cultivate.

“I loved geology so it was a natural transition to work with the land. I’ve never loved anything more than this. This farm is our happy place. It’s very nurturing, forward looking.”

Terry and Ralph have two daughters. Sydney is pursuing a Masters degree in complementary and alternative medicine before entering medical school. Lindsay is an undergraduate studying Earth and environmental sciences. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.