About the Pond Garden

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The centerpiece of Elkstone Farm, the pond garden is a serene setting enhanced by fruit trees and bushes, herb gardens, flowers, and a few seasonal vegetables. Apple, pear, plum and cherry trees are just beginning to produce fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, currants, gooseberries and aronia are abundant around the pond. Many varieties of lavender, oregano, sage and thyme garnish this area. Patches of asparagus and rhubarb are interspersed with aspen trees as the pond runs off to the southwest across the hay meadow and Strawberry Park.

The pond garden is truly a recreated forest environment. It’s designed using permaculture layers similar to the greenhouse. The upper story consists of tall fruit-bearing trees. Planted in a south-facing horseshoe pattern, they act as a sun-trap and protect the environment from winds that race across Strawberry Park from the west. Pea shrubs, clover and vetch in the middle and ground layers fix nitrogen for the soil. Leaves, seeds and other byproducts from the trees and plants become mulch and compost that we use on-site.