Cooking Class: First of the Season (Series 1)

Elkstone Farm 40345 Virtus Way, Steamboat Springs

An exploration of the first vegetables to appear on the farm. This class includes a tour of the various horticultural areas at the farm and a discussion of the growth cycle of our vegetables. We will harvest whatever is available and cook our harvest in the farm kitchen, along with things we have saved from […]

Cooking Class: Pizza From Scratch (Series 1)

Elkstone Farm 40345 Virtus Way, Steamboat Springs

The term ‘pizza’ was first recorded over ten centuries ago but the history of pizza-like creations dates back much farther. In this class we will be studying the modern version of this globally recognized dish by making pizza completely from scratch using organic ingredients and the farm’s produce. In the class you will have the […]

Cooking Class: Primavera! (Series 1)

This class takes on the quintessential summer pasta dish, pasta primavera. To begin with, we will make our own fresh pasta. Then, we will use vegetables from the farm to learn the proper way to clean and cut various types of produce. Emphasis will be on knife work and vegetable butchery before we combine all […]

Cooking Class: Preserving the Harvest (Series 1)

The purpose of food preservation is to improve the length of time an item can be stored without sacrificing any of its nutritional or aesthetic qualities. In this hands-on class we will examine techniques including pickling, dehydrating, freezing, and fermenting. We will discuss the origins of food preservation techniques and their context in the history […]

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