Produce, Flowers and Products

Each day we pick the ripest produce to provide the most flavorful and nutritious fare. From fresh, delicious salad greens to summer and winter vegetables, succulent fruits, aromatic herbs and flowers, our extensive assortment is sold locally to restaurants and markets. Soon we expect to be selling to individual customers.

With discerning attention to detail, we give considerable thought to nurturing our plants from the moment we order seeds to deciding how they will be used. We then bring the day’s harvest back to our kitchen to prepare the fresh produce and create unique specialty products using this same care. For example, we harvest our herbs in the morning when the leaves contain the most oil and therefore embody the best flavor and nutrition. The herbs are sold fresh, dried, or combined into savory blends.

As Elkstone Farm continues to flourish and we cultivate our vision of a local farm, our product offerings will grow. As we “shop” our gardens daily, we will create innovative products based on what is ready to be picked. Because we harvest only what is ripe, these products will be made in small batches, which also helps impart the fullest flavor. You will taste the difference that comes from using the highest quality ingredients in our zesty salsas, piquant pesto, sweet jams and chutney, herbed salts and rubs, and baked delights.


Where to find us:

911 Lincoln Avenue
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 879-1919
1110 Yampa Avenue
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 879-9992