Salad Greens – Spicy Mix


Size: 5 oz

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If you like a little extra pep in your salad green mix, look no further than Elkstone Farm’s Spicy Salad Green mix! This gourmet lettuce blend starts with our mild mix (a lovely combination of Chard, Red Russian Kale, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Tokyo Bekana, and Spinach), with the addition of our Red Giant and Scarlett Frills mustard greens for an added kick.

Flavor pairings:

Ho-hum salads and wraps will be a thing of the past once you experience the zesty flavor, vibrant colors, and unique texture of our Spicy Salad Greens blend. This mix shines when tempered with a little sweetness, so try incorporating honey, maple syrup, or a balsamic reduction to your vinaigrettes and sauces.


Store loose leaf greens in a plastic bag or container lined with a paper towel, to help soak up excess moisture.