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Arugula is not your average leafy green! This small but mighty member of the brassica family has a delightful peppery kick that lends heaps of flavor to salads, pestos, pastas, and stir-frys. Arugula is a quick growing crop, which means the greens are fabulously fresh and tender when they are carefully harvested here on the farm.

Flavor pairings:

Arugula makes a bright, zesty base for salads, and it pairs well with mild lettuce mixes and sweet fruits like apples, berries, dates, and persimmons. Arugula also makes fabulous pesto! Unlike basil, arugula does not oxidize quickly, which keeps arugula pesto vibrantly green and flavorful for several days. Arugula is also lovely when lightly sautéed with pasta, or added to stir-fries and soups for a pop of color and spice.  


Store arugula in a plastic bag or container lined with a paper towel, to help soak up excess moisture.