Exactly two months after the last picture the difference is amazing.  We have been harvesting twice a week and sometimes more to keep up with the abundance of produce growing in the hoophouse.  The tomatoes require ladders to continue to trellis them, we can no longer reach high enough to clip the tomato clips on.  The cucumbers are growing well and we have a good market for our squash blossoms.
We are learning about succession planting this season in order to have a constant supply of produce for our customers.


After getting the irrigation in place and the beds tilled we were very excited to finally see the annuals growing in the new hoop house.  We have  misters for the greens and drip irrigation for the tomatoes, peppers, squash, basil and cucumbers.  We can switch to either method of irrigation depending on what we plant.



One of the contractors that has worked with us from the inception of Elkstone Farm is Deano Temple.

He started by creating the road and the initial pad for the green house. When we discovered there was a lot more ground water running through the site we stopped to reevaluate our options and ultimately re engineer the drainage at his suggestion.

Deano created our pond where we get the water to irrigate the outside trees and perennials.

He cleans and reworks the ditches that keep the entire irrigation system flowing.

Deano’s suggestions on how to proceed on any phase of this project are well thought out and usually spot on. He is a tireless worker and is usually first on site and the last to leave.

I am not saying that he is a candidate for sainthood, but he is usually dealing with four strong willed women that run the farm and we want to honor him and all of his contributions.


Last fall we received over 4,000 bulbs to plant in the perennial beds in front of the farm house and the green house. In spite of the mild winter and lack of snow it appears that most of the bulbs have come up and are blooming.  It gives the farm a bit of color while the rest of the perennial flowers are starting to come up.


While March was dry and warm April has lived up to its reputation as being a wet month. We had a short break in the mixture of snow, sleet, rain and hail and took the opportunity to do some prep work on our outdoor annual bed.