We have many offerings for you to come and enjoy the farm. Scroll down to view our two-hour cooking classes, four-hour cooking workshops, farm tours, and lunches!


Cooking Classes – Winter Series 2019/2020 

40345 Virtus Way
Join us in the Elkstone kitchen as our chef, Chereen Leong Schwarz, adds to your aresenal of cooking skills! Our winter class series will leave you ready to impress a crowd with new found talents.

Cooking Classes – Farmer’s Fare

December 11th, January 15th, February 12th, March 18th

Wednesdays from 3 – 5pm | $75

Our Cooking Classes will leave you with the confidence you need to wow your friends with a signature dish…

These 2-hour classes will focus on one technique as we explore the art of delicious handmade foods. Students will leave the workshop with a new arsenal of skills and recipe ideas that can be easily customized depending on what veggies are available at the farm stand. Classes will be led by one instructor. The following is a list of our classes offered, click on register below to sign up:

  • Grazing Platters: Up Your Appetizer Game [December 11th]
  • Pot Pie Bananza! [January 15th]
  • Biscuits ‘n Fixins [February 12th]
  • Potstickers & Dipping Sauces [March 18th]

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Farm Tours & Lunches – Summer 2019

Check back in the spring to see the dates for tours and lunches next year!

40345 Virtus Way

July 23, August 13, September 10

11am – 12pm

Adult Tour Only             $15

12 & Under Tour Only    $10
Lunch Option                additional $25

Join us at the farm for the morning as our Principle Grower, Brittany McGuire shows you around! You will see our multiple growing environments, including the hoop houses, pond garden, and greenhouse with our coveted climate battery. As we walk around the farm, Brittany will discuss just how we make all the magic happen on the farm with only 59 frost-free days in the valley. She will also talk about how we naturally amend our soil and keep our crops happy. Our tour will conclude with the chance for you to taste our produce! We offer an optional farm-fresh lunch prepared by our chefs, Erin Torgerson and Chereen Leong Schwarz. This feast will satisfy your taste buds and have you wanting more fresh food and products from the farm! We wouldn’t leave you hanging at just that, so our Farm Stand is open for you to take home goodies (no one can resist our Cherry Jalapeno Jam or Lavender Shortbread Cookies!) Register today to explore the other side of your food.

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Educational Farm Tours

Summer 2019 Offerings