Sophie Lattes - Principal Grower

May 6, 2021

Originally from Boulder, Sophie left for Tufts University to study environmental science and biology. While she enjoyed working in a lab, Sophie felt truly at home while conducting field research. Fascinating agriculture internships, including one at the prestigious Rodale Institute, led her to volunteer with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) in Thailand, Guatemala, Ecuador, and the Pacific Northwest, where she had many enriching experiences. While harvesting rice in an isolated community in Thailand, her understanding of communal farming deepened. As she learned to grow coffee in a food forest environment in Ecuador, her commitment to regenerative agriculture was reinforced.

Sophie has her Permaculture Design Certification and has also learned the ins-and-outs of community-supported agriculture as a grower at Cure Organic Farm in Boulder. One insight that continues to bear fruit from her days at Cure is “work smarter, not harder,” which fits right in with her favorite permaculture principle, “observe and interact.” For Sophie, spending time studying the surrounding environment is invaluable. Working with it’s natural rhythms achieves the best results, and not as much effort is needed.

When the opportunity arose at Elkstone Farm, Sophie jumped at it. Her current work as Principal Grower is inspired daily by Elkstone’s knowledgeable crew and its supportive community—who she is excited to meet at CSA pickups and the Permaculture Gardeners’ Club. If you see Sophie, you should ask her about her recent ultrarunning experiences.

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