Elkstone partial wreathElkstone AliElkstone teaElkstone chamomile heart

Ali joined our team as our herbalist last summer when we sadly sent Jes on her way to…the world.  Ali has enriched our lives with her lovely creations (and self), and we look forward to any tinctures, salves, and lip balms that will hopefully join the lineup of our value added products.  She spends her days tending flowers and herbs, both culinary and medicinal, harvesting and drying them in our upstairs drying room on special racks.  Then, she mixes them into our custom crafted line of 6 delicious teas.  Not a bad day’s work!  Ali leaves hearts trailing behind her wherever she goes, as this photo of chamomile drying shows beautifully.  An artist, she is always coming up with potential new products, such as wreaths or greeting cards made from dried flowers.

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