Monthly Archives: April 2011


Busy days at the office…

We’ve been preparing for our big spring cleaning these past few weeks, removing soil and raising the bed level of the south bed, seen in this top photo (look closely- you can also see we have the front vents wide open, while the snow is still mounded up out there). We’re hoping that bed will receive a bit more sun in the winter months. Also, the crew has been laying flagstone, which will help keep the dust down. And, we’ve been preparing for the arrival of our exciting new plants, which include lots of citrus and herbs, more pineapple guavas and pomegranates, dwarf figs, and exotic flowers. And, of course, we continue to harvest, enjoy, and sell the last of our cold season annuals.

The snow continues to melt, and Bohai draws nearer and nearer to completion. We’re having a typically erratic spring, with 60 degree days followed by blizzards. Ahh, mud season! It’s been summery inside though, and we’re opening the greenhouse up and enjoying the warmth and fresh air.