Even though Kim is not here to watch over things the crops continue to grow and boy am I relieved. The ladybugs are still at work doing their best to rid the area of aphids. The Mango is putting on new buds and our papaya tree is holding on to the “large” fruit that has set in spite of a couple of cool days with not much sun.

I have been busy doing a lot of harvesting. Arugula, greens, dill, parsley and chard were all harvested this week and sold to Sweet Pea Market. Doing this harvesting does point out the need for a large table and the walk in cooler to keep things fresh until we can deliver them.

I have pulled up the older bed of encore mix and all greens mix to make room for new crops. There were a few aphids on some of the scarlet runner beans and I went after them with a combination of soapy spray and wiping them off then set out the remainder of the lady’s to do their thing. I will see this morning if that did the trick.

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