Warmer, longer days have helped along our seedlings. We have been planting out our cold season crops, like broccoli, beets, and carrots, into the raised beds, and of course seeding more greens. I’ve now also started tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lots of herbs, and flowers, too, so as to be ready when spring truly arrives.

We have lowered the soil pH by .6, and the texture is greatly improved. With the warmer days, I’ve filled the aquaculture tanks, and have seen the temperature of the water rise by about 4* so far.

It’s very encouraging and a bit of a relief to see our perennials waking up, and starting to bud out. It looks like we made it! whew… what a year to try out winter farming. Now, the real work begins: getting ready for the true farming season. I’ll make sure we have plenty of seedlings ready to go whenever our outdoor beds are ready for planting.

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