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It’s been chilly here in Steamboat Springs this week…bringing a few things to light that need attention:

-The aquaculture tanks: they have been staying at a steady temperature of about 50 degrees. I have not filled them over the foot or so of water that’s in there already, because I have not seen any rise in temp. We should paint them black to absorb heat.

-Snow shedding off of greenhouse: It’s building up already, we will need to think of removal. With the iris in front there, it will be a delicate process, but if we just skim the ground, the bulbs will be OK. Would Rob be the person to take care of this?

-Entryways: there has been ice inside the greenhouse in the door cracks. We need better weatherstripping at the very least. I or Jeannie could manage this, but perhaps a temporary 2- door system for winter would be prudent.

Outdoor temps have dropped to 0, but inside the greenhouse it’s been 50 degrees, rising to around 70. It’s beautifully sunny, but that makes the night very cold. Our plants seem to be adapting.

We now have 9 cubic yards of composting manure on site, as well as some good soil under cover for use throughout the winter.

Today I will cut tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and armloads of greens for a giant salad to donate to United Way for their Community Dinner tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy time and a good meal with family and friends!


Draft Plant List – This may have typos and is incomplete. Pls make corrections and add any other details we have e.g. plant species or variety.

Plant Variety Number Bed Source Comment
Artichokes 2 Mediterranean
Banana Dwarf 1 Tropic
Banana Dwarf Red 1 Tropic
Banana Ice Cream 1 Tropic
Banana Rosa 1 Tropic
Basil Red 1 West of Water Tank pulled out – died
Basil 19 East Annual
Basil 5 Keyhole
Basil 7 Tropic
Basil 11 West of Water Tank
Beans Fava East Annual Pulled out – thrip infestation
Beans Fava West of Water Tank pulled out – thrips
Buckwheat Tropic cover crop
Cactus Prickly Pear 2 Assorted Pots
Calendula 4 East Annual Windemere
Calendula 1 Keyhole Windemere
Calendula 1 Mediterranean Windemere
Calendula 1 Tropic Windemere
Calendula 3 West of Water Tank Windemere
Carrots Grape Trellis
Chard Tropic seeded
Chives 2 Tropic
Cilantro 2 Mediterranean from seed
Citrus 1 Mediterranean Lemon or Lime – Not Marked
Cucumber Diva 1 Mediterranean
Cucumber Diva 1 Westernmost Cucumber
Cucumber Mideastern 1 Mediterranean
Cucumber Mideastern Westernmost Cucumber How many?
Cucumber Unknown 1 Mediterranean
Cucumber Unknown 11 Westernmost Cucumber not tagged
Cucumber Unknown 1 Westernmost Cucumber pulled out – dead
Dill Tropic seeded
Dragon Fruit 1 Mediterranean hylocereus guatamalensis
Eggplant Dusky 1 East Annual
Eggplant Orient Express 11 East Annual
Eggplant Parks Whopper 1 East Annual
Eggplant Purple Rain 1 East Annual
Eggplant Purple Rain 2 West of Water Tank
Eggplant Vitorria 1 East Annual
Fenugreek Mediterranean from seed
Fig 1 Mediterranean
Fig 1 Tropic
Garlic 2 East Annual
Garlic 2 Keyhole
Garlic 1 West of Water Tank
Geranium 3 East Annual
Geranium 2 Keyhole
Geranium 2 Mediterranean
Geranium 5 Tropic
Geranium 2 West of Water Tank
Grape Einset 1 Grape Arbor
Grape Mars 1 Grape Arbor looks dead
Greens All Greens Mix East of Water Tank
Greens Arugula East of Water Tank
Greens Claytonia East of Water Tank (minors lettuce)
Greens Encore Lettuce Mix East of Water Tank pulled up due to aphid infestation
Greens Green Chard Grape Trellis
Greens Red Chard Grape Trellis
Greens Tatsoi West of Water Tank
Greens Turnip West of Water Tank
Greens Upland Cress East of Water Tank (spicy)
Guava Pineapple 1 Tropic
Jujube 1 Mediterranean not planted
Kale Russian West of Water Tank
Kiwi 4 Mediterranean returned to CRMPI
Lavender 2 Mediterranean Windemere
Lemon Meyer 2 Mediterranean
Lemon Graass 1 Mediterranean
Licorice Assorted Pots
Lychee Emperor 1 Tropic
Mango Cogshell 1 Tropic
Muskmelon 1 Tropic
Nasturtium 3 East Annual
Nasturtium 5 Mediterranean
Nasturtium 3 Tropic
Nasturtium 5 West of Water Tank
Olive Arbequina 1 Mediterranean
Orach Mediterranean from seed
Oregano Golden 1 East Annual Windemere
Pansy 3 Mediterranean Windemere
Pansy 2 Tropic Windemere
Papaya Babage 1 Tropic
Papaya Pink Shade 1 Tropic
Parsley Mediterranean from seed
Passion Fruit Frederick passiflora 2 Tropic
Passion Fruit Unmarked 1 Tropic
Passion Fruit White star passiflora 1 Tropic
Pepper Anaheim 1 East Annual
Pepper Anaheim 1 Mediterranean
Pepper Anaheim 1 Tropic
Pepper Anaheim 11 West of Water Tank
Pepper Bell 1 West of Water Tank
Pepper Calif. Wonder Bell 1 Mediterranean
Pepper Calif. Wonder Bell 1 West of Water Tank
Pepper Carmen 1 Tropic
Pepper Golden Marconi 1 Tropic
Pepper Hybrid Jalapeno 1 Tropic
Pepper Jupiter Bell 1 East Annual
Pepper Jupiter Bell 1 Tropic
Pepper Krimzon Lee 7 East Annual
Pepper Krimzon Lee 2 Mediterranean
Pepper Krimzon Lee 1 Tropic
Pepper Krimzon Lee 11 West of Water Tank
Pepper Marconi 11 Tropic
Pepper Marconi 1 West of Water Tank
Pepper Mariachi 1 Tropic
Pepper Mariachi 1 West of Water Tank
Pepper Paladin Bell 1 East Annual
Pepper Paladin Bell 1 Tropic
Pepper Paladin Bell 1 West of Water Tank
Pepper 1 Tropic pulled out
Peppermint Assorted Pots
Pineapple 1 Tropic
Pomegranate 1 Mediterranean
Radish Tropic seeded
Rosemary 1 West of Water Tank Windemere
Sage Kitchen 1 West of Water Tank Windemere
Spearmint Assorted Pots
Spilanthes 3 Tropic
Squash Summer 3 Mediterranean pulled up
Squash Summer 2 Tropic pulled out
Straw Flower 3 East Annual Windemere
Straw Flower 1 West of Water Tank Windemere
Tea Russian 1 Mediterranean
Tomato Beefsteak 1 Keyhole
Tomato Brandy Bay 1 East Annual
Tomato Carolina Gold 1 Keyhole
Tomato Chianti Rose 11 East Annual
Tomato Heirloom 1 Mediterranean
Tomato No Name 1 Tropic
Tomato Red Cherry 2 Keyhole
Tomato Red House 11 East Annual
Tomato Roma 1 East Annual
Tomato Stupicil (?) 1 West of Water Tank
Tomato Unmarked 2 West of Water Tank
Tomato Valencia 1 Mediterranean
Tomato Valencia 1 West of Water Tank
Tomato Yellow Pear 11 Keyhole
Watermelon 3 Tropic
Winter Savory Purple 2 West of Water Tank Windemere
Yam 1 Tropic

look at these beautiful nasturtiums… and our tomatoes are starting to ripen.